A Summer Night Dinner (with friends)


I never thought August would come. I find myself in a race. A race to spend time with as many people as I can before I move at the end of the month (!!!!). My favorite way to spend time with people is over food. I like throwing a dinner party because I get to plan something, be in charge of something, and very often try new recipes. Summer to me is a very low maintenance cooking season. Fresh produce is king and anything is praised when cold, in fact it’s preferred. Read More


Buttermilk Cake with Raspberries


I have fallen in utter love with baking cakes. The simplicity. The ease. The fun. I love that it’s one thing, not a bunch of little things. No individual molds, scooping equal cookies, or cutting dough up. I mainly fell in love with what happens to butter and sugar when it’s mixed on a fast speed for many minutes. It turns fluffy, creamy and white. It may have captured my heart. Read More