Lemon Bars


I grew up watching my Nonni cook and then my mother, never really knowing how I fell into the mix. Cooking brought our family together as did an after dinner viewing of the food network (we really couldn’t get enough). That’s probably where I began thinking about my next meal while I was currently eating one. Read More


Amber Huffman’s Marriage Proposal Grits


The first time I had grits was when I made this recipe a year ago. It was the best first date I’ll ever have. A little skeptical, a little nervous, but still very excited. I wanted them to be savory. I wanted them to be decadent. I never knew I could experience love so quick. Read More

Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake


Have you all heard of Food52? It’s a website that houses everything from seasonal recipes to kitchen decor. Let’s just say, when I found it, I felt like I had come home. Every morning I start my day by checking in on what’s new and what everyone is talking about. Basically, I’m not just drinking their Kool-aid I’m guzzling it (also they would serve more of a thyme lemonade). Read More