Two Dinner Parties: A Birthday & A Brigade


Well, let’s start with saying how much I’ve missed you guys. A LOT. I have been MIA for about two weeks and the reason for it is this post’s title. I have hosted a dinner party and cooked for a friend’s birthday dinner with her family. Two weeks, two cakes, two night’s of laughs. Read More


Lee’s Chocolate Whipped Cream


Eating homemade whipped cream for me is a religious experience. Then I made chocolate whipped cream one night and was basically re-born. If you’ve never experienced the magic of watching plain heavy cream turn thicker until it has reach stiff peaks in the fluffiest valley, then I encourage you to grab a whisk and go to town. Read More

Buttermilk Cake with Raspberries


I have fallen in utter love with baking cakes. The simplicity. The ease. The fun. I love that it’s one thing, not a bunch of little things. No individual molds, scooping equal cookies, or cutting dough up. I mainly fell in love with what happens to butter and sugar when it’s mixed on a fast speed for many minutes. It turns fluffy, creamy and white. It may have captured my heart. Read More