My name is Hollie. I grew up in Massachusetts and moved to New York after I graduated high school. Then I moved back to Massachusetts. Now I’m back in New York. Confused yet? This blog is a celebration of eating and cooking (especially for others). I will be posting original recipes, my favorite recipes, restaurants I recommend, cookware/ kitchen tool reviews, dinner party advice and then some personal life ramblings mixed in. I’m sure this will turn into something totally different then what I’m setting out for, but isn’t that what makes something exciting? I hope you come on this journey of self discovery through many meals and I’m sure many mishaps along the way. Also, I hope I can help you learn something.

Some interests of mine: Nora Ephron in any form, Improvisation, reading in bed, butter, tv/movies with a strong female lead, Le Creuset, overweight bulldogs, finding a quiet spot in the park, lavender hand soap, Zabar’s.

Vices: Shake Shack, Trash TV.

Contact Me: HolliesEats@yahoo.com



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Hollie
    I love seeing your photos and reading your humor. How can I receive your blog posts when they publish? I didn’t see subscribe button on your site (or it’s there and I’m totally having a blonde moment and missed it- probably the case- lol!). Thanks so much! Tanya | whiskandmuddler.com

    • Oh Tanya that’s so kind of you to say. I want to reciprocate that comment, because I love your page as well. You don’t see a subscribe button probably because I totally don’t know how to get one…….still new to the blogging thing. I’m now going to put on in and will let you know! (Hearts) -Hollie

  2. aww, thanks for the nice words back! I know, there’s so much to learn with WP. I use their help desk constantly, they’re great. They’re probably sick of me by now too- lol!
    Thanks Hollie :>)

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