I Left You For Food

imageI blame New York. We’re back together. But, I didn’t forget about you. I hope you didn’t forget about me. It’s like falling back in love with someone from your past. I always knew it was there. I romanticized our past together. Then, when you’re really back together it’s like you didn’t skip a beat. The best part is that we both changed. Now I’m getting to know the New York that happened while I was away. I’ve been eating out instead of cooking. Exploring instead of blogging. Our new courtship is winding down though and we’re starting to get comfortable again. So, I’m here. I’m back. I’m sorry.





My new challenge is I have a new kitchen (large for NY standards, I’m not complaining!). It is an adjustment I am working on. I also have three roommates. I hate to hog the kitchen. So, learning people’s schedules and when to grocery shop is taking time to get used to. I wanted to talk to you again, dear reader. I don’t have a new recipe just yet. What I do have is some pictures from the eating I’ve been doing.






I also have a few new recommendations of places I’ve come across. Places I can’t shut up about.

Via Della Pace (7th Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave)- cozy Italian place with exposed brick in the east village. Hard to pass by without wanting to go in. Cheap for the great quality of food. Try: the pasta carbonara (real way no cream sauce here)

Black Seed Bagels (on Elizabeth St. Between Spring and Kenmare)- wood fire oven roasted bagel joint. Recently opened in the East Village as well. The bagels are soft and chewy. I could eat them forever. Fresh toppings and herbs make sandwiches stand out. Try: lox and horseradish cream cheese)

Barney Greengrass (On Amsterdam between 86th and 87th St.)- famous Jewish deli on the Upper West Side. Hailed as “The sturgeon King”. The kind of place you only see in movies about NY. Cheap, delicious, quick, feels like home. Try: a fish salad plate with a bagel and toppings)

Elio’s (on 2nd between 84th and 85th St.)- Classic old school Italian restaurant. Upscale and hard to get into. Everyone calls the matre D by his first name. The food is divine and so fresh. The service is amazing. Everyone dining seems like an important person you should know. Cozy. I never wanted to leave. Call weeks ahead for a reservation. Try: a seasonal salad, the pastas, mussels, their green beans, and you have to get the bread pudding. Trust me.)

I also HAVE to throw in…

Big Gay Ice Cream (7th st. Between 1st and Avenue A)- this isn’t new to me but I just have to share it on this list. It’s simple great quality ice cream with inventive toppings and execusion. I go once a week. Don’t judge me. My friends live on the block, so I haveee to *wink*. You can’t go wrong with anything. Try: the salty pimp

When I find somewhere new I love, it becomes a religion. I love to talk about it. I love to share it with friends. I love to visit it so often they quietly mumble “wasn’t she already here this morning?!” Please enjoy my findings. Talk again soon.


Ps. I missed you guys


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