Spring Green Risotto


Risotto is a blank slate. A very delicious one at that. To it you can add cheeses, spices, seasonal vegetables, or meats all blanketed by velvety smooth rice thickened by chicken stock. Read More


Buttermilk Cake with Raspberries


I have fallen in utter love with baking cakes. The simplicity. The ease. The fun. I love that it’s one thing, not a bunch of little things. No individual molds, scooping equal cookies, or cutting dough up. I mainly fell in love with what happens to butter and sugar when it’s mixed on a fast speed for many minutes. It turns fluffy, creamy and white. It may have captured my heart. Read More

Lemon Bars


I grew up watching my Nonni cook and then my mother, never really knowing how I fell into the mix. Cooking brought our family together as did an after dinner viewing of the food network (we really couldn’t get enough). That’s probably where I began thinking about my next meal while I was currently eating one. Read More